I’m Zidnie Ilma. You can simply call me Zidnie. I was born in Jakarta yet now I’ve been living in Yogyakarta for 16 years.

     I love reading, blogging, and postcrossing. I somewhat love writing, too. Kinds of books I’d love to read?  Novels, inspiring people, traveling, and about going abroad. Those always successfully make me keep reading. No getting bored, no stopping curiosity.

     My parents always teach me to dream big. Dream huge. I agree but I prefer to be rational. Every one of us has to have dreams, right? So that we have things to pursue. Trust me, your dreams are your spirit-of-life-booster. Should you have any queries or other businesses, please contact me through

Nice to know you! 😀

Wassalamu’alaikum. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Profile

  1. Sungguh kata-kata yang jujur dan tidak blak2an, tapi itu lebih baik daripada munafik, cukup menghibur dan menginspirasi, Jazakumullah Khairon Khatsiron, semoga Allah membalas dengan kebaikan yang lebih

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