Ananas Cafe: A Recommended Cheap Diner in Singapore

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Are you planning to pay a visit to Singapore for the first time as low budget travelers? Singapore is one of top holiday destinations for many people in the universe. I guess everytime my eyes seeing around, all I see is, the foreign visitors are much more than the local people. This country is a magnet for all layers of visitors, both the millionaire and the hand-to-mouth ones.

Nonetheless, Singapore is not only famous by its attractions but also its throttling living cost. It’s not only for Asia’s level but also the Whole World’s mankind. But I guess it’s more challenging for the South East Asians. I myself choose not to spend much of my money in culinary while I was there. I realize that I’ll end up asking for food/money in the streets if I give too much force to myself on food spending. Therefore, I bring my own food supplies from home so I can limit my expense.

Do you think it’s somehow necessary to taste the local food while you’re going somewhere? For me, it’s a yes but don’t make it an obligation, moreover if you’re low budget travelers, like me. Dear fellow economical travelers, if you’re in the same boat with me, you can get your cheap main dishes in Singapore. My favorite is Ananas Café.


Ananas Café is a diner located in almost all cities in Singapore. It provides meals for your simple happy tummy. Starting from SGD 2, you’ll get flavorful nasi lemak, 1 fried chicken/sausage, 1 sunny side up,1 half-chopped fish cake, and chili sauce. What a drooling menu! Well, actually, it’s just a common one but it might be the opposite for the backpackers. There are some other groups of menu in here but it’s a bit more expensive. For example, SGD 2.3-4 for any kinds of noodles, like laksa. Besides, you’ll find several kinds of fish cakes, SGD 1/piece. If you’re team Toast and Coffee for Breakfast, this diner also provides this couple for SGD 3. Cmiiw.

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It’s not only the backpackers or travelers enjoying their meals there but also local people and workers. For me, Ananas’ menu is satisfying. The one I visited was Ananas in Aljunied. But don’t worry because you’re gonna find the branches spread throughout the country. The key: it’s always located very close to any MRT stations. If you plan to cross the border to Malaysia by land, you can also find Ananas Café in Kranji station. The price might vary from one branch to another. Happy getting lost! 😀

Zidnie Ilma


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