Back to Blogging

This feels (really) nice when you get the access back to your blog. 😀
Well, the last time I posted something in here wasss… January!
Then, the following months, I posted nothing. How come?
Since once upon a time, suddenly and unconsciously, I can’t sign in and the stories I was to post flew away like a blown dandelion.
I used to share stories, my life or my surrounding, in here. When came a moment I can’t have the access, it felt bad. Worse moment coming when I started “sakaw”-ing toward blogging.
O WordPress, there are million stories you missed. 😛
Then, this post (and one just-now-post) were successfully posted through my mobile device, just fyi.

Hmm.. I still continue to write my diary but I dislike to admit that I have missed many weeks! This is too bad, I think, since it can no longer be called as a daily note nor weekly. The cause? Simple. When I wrote about something in a particular day which the story I experienced was pretty much longer than the previous ones, I felt exhausted to write down all of them in that night. Then, I suspended it up to tomorrow. But then, I forgot to write the remaining section on the next day.
Beuh.. too many excuses! While Rudyard Kipling, one of my favorite poet, once stated that one may have 40 millions reasons for failure, but one should not for any single excuse.

Knowing that I can post again here makes me… touched! :’) haha. It’s been almost 3 months, hasn’t it? Good heavens!


One thought on “Back to Blogging

  1. Everybody has great idea but the idea will fly with the birds on the sky when we think tomorrow is my time tp write it down. But when the time is comin’ with another thing to say “later, later and later”. Then, FInally we don’t know what the idea is.

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