A Knitter Man

     This morning, I went to a knit shop (somewhere over Jakal) to buy a pack (various sizes) of hooks and a skein of yarn. Namanya bener hook nggak yah? Hook for cable knitting not for crocheting. There were two girls and a man knitting there. The man is the staff there. Fyi, all of the staffs in that shop are able to knit. When I was about to pay, the man acted as a cashier. Brief conversation began..

Man: “Only these?”

Z: “Yeah..”

Man: “Cost xxx. What have you knitted?”

Z: “Hmm.. just a shawl with plain pattern. You?”

Man: “Many”

Z: “Ow. How long have you been knitting?”

Man: “Almost a year.”

Z: “What thing did you knit first?”

Man: “A cellphone pouch.”

Z: “How long did it take?”

Man: “Hmm.. not long. Just two days.”

Z: “Ha? Was that crochet or knit?”

Man: “Knit”

Z: “Ha?”

Man: “What are you about to knit?”

Z: “A cable”

Man: “Oh.. good luck! :)”

     What got me surprised was that he knitted a cellphone pouch for only TWO days when he was a beginner, at his very first time knitting! I don’t wonder if it was crochet because crochet takes less time than knit (article said). Fyi, I made my first shawl for almost two months! Just a simple shawl with plain pattern.

     Aku pikir, nek mau bikin tempet hape itu pakenya crochet atau renda. Sedang masnya bilang, dia bikin tempet hape pake knit atau rajut and it took only TWO days. Ini sebenernya emang prosesnya cepet apa masnya yang mahaselo? 😐 Padal pouch itu bukan pola lurus, ada lekuk-lekuknya, yang biasanya kalo mau buat kupluk, harus pake alat tambahan buat lingkar kepalanya.

      When I learned knitting for the first time, the woman who taught me saying that I should start with plain pattern atau aku membahasakannya ‘pola lurus’. Pola lurus itu ya maksudnya syal.

     Heran asli deh. Kok bisa ya masnya bikin pouch knitting dan cuma makan waktu dua hari. Apa jangan-jangan masnya nggak tidur :/ Tapi kok masnya bikin pertama bukan pola lurus yah.. Hmm.. Masnya malah udah pernah bikin baju bayi rajut lohhh..Sebagai perempuan, aku merasa kalah. T__T


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