To Your Excellency

Your Excellency,

I have a tale to tell

I do want you to pay attention for me

For a while

If you do not mind, may I have your permission, please?

Your Excellency,

There are  uncountable stars in the heavens

Every one of us seizes one of them

Or two of them

Or even many of them

Your Excellency,

Their enchantment is like a magic

It could blur the sun glimpse

They are as shiny as your golden zeal

Your Excellency,

Unfortunately, they are not easy to steal

Only the chosen souls are permitted

Those who are capable to electrify others,

Even the feeblest Mimosa Pudica,

And this thew lies on you

Your Excellency,

Your chivalry tames the typhoon

It turns it into zephyr

 It arranges discordant beat into a good tune

That everyone is pleased to hear

With this, you could pick and embrace

your favorite stars as many as you want,


Although this could be not as easy as the comrades think

Your Excellency,

Do you know?

Millions people need millions bleeding tries

To embrace their stars

They may pass

They may fail

On the contrary, you once tried picking it up

You passed

Yet you threw it away instead!

This is the moment I hate you the most

You said that you had no enough guts to take it

You said that you lack of a thing

Which I am quite sure you could figure it out

Your Excellency,

You are surrounded by remarkable acquaintances

From whom you could learn a lot

Still, you are in pessimism

It is logical to be pessimistic

Yet, still, it hurts a lot knowing you threw the chance away

Your Excellency,

I do not want you to get trapped too long

In your own poor paradigm

I want to smack, mince, slash, bomb your pessimism

Actually, you need to do so

thus, Your Excellency,

may I have your permission, please?


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