Collaborative Poetry


Coast to Coast

Life has two sides

Like bivalve shell

Hard like rock outside

While it is unpredictable inside

Sands and cliffs

Just live it that way

Every cloud has silver lining

Gotta break your leg

Life is unending history from coast to coast

(by Almira Romala)


Sounds of the ocean wave splash our faces

Just like the sunshine

And the water of the sea rinses the seashore

Tells the story

Story where our history lies on

(by Zidnie Ilma)


Tribute to Ika Ahjumma (our classmate who sometimes get “bullied” by us yet don’t worry. The bullying  is just kidding)

Put Your Thumbs Down to Floor

Pressed and pressed

Till you depressed and desperate

Falling from kumulonimbus

Unstoppable rain and thunder

That electrifies

And shrinks your mind juvenile

(by Almira Romala)

Shoulder to Cry On

Universe singing

The sun shining

Stars gathering

They are supporting

I see your eyes

They display the rainbow

The rainbow of serenity

They show me the clarity

Your shoulder tells me

It’s the tough one

Though life’s way cruel

(by Zidnie Ilma)


Tribute to Qinx (our classmate who has many exs and sometimes misses them)

Out the Lights

She calls herself King

not Queen

The conqueror of jackass

In the empire of lights

She calls herself King

not Hong

The goddess of … in her own league

Gorgeous in her hands

(by Almira Romala)

Shadows of Our Stories

O, boys!

Don’t you know?

Your names recall in my head

Your smile haunt my brain

Your hands fit mine

Your smell left in my olfactory cells

Don’t you know, o boys?

O, boys!

I keep your pictures still

I save your contacts

with ‘ex’ at the beginning of your names

O, boys!

I’m trapped in the memories maze

Memories which we’re meant to be

(by Zidnie Ilma)


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